Welcome to Jack Explains Second Life

I would like to welcome everyone who has chosen to visit my blog. I am Jack, a freelance writer both in real life as well as for Second Life. I will use this blog to showcase various Second Life destinations, stores, events, as well as the occasional bout of information about how to use and explore Second Life.

I suppose I should tell everyone a bit more about myself. I have been using Second Life regularly since September of 2013, and within such a short amount of time I have learned how to do a lot of different things within the world of Second Life, and met the best most amazing people that Second Life has to offer. I pride myself in professionalism as well as helpfulness. If there is something you need a little bit of advice on, that I am well informed in, I am your go-to guy for advice.

I hope everyone finds what they’re looking for here at Jack Explains Second Life!


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