How to Use Phototools to Ehance Photos

I feel like the ability to use Phototools on Second Life is almost as important as the ability to change your clothes. It’s just something that every person should understand how to use in order to enhance their experience on Second Life. Many people luckily do know how to use windlight settings but it seems to surpass some. If you do not know how to use windlight, I would be happy to show you exactly how it’s done. And don’t worry. It’s very simple!

For this demonstration I have used Firestorm Viewer. If you use SL Viewer or Singularity, this may not help you.

  • Check your settings under Avatar > Preferences > Graphics or Ctrl+P > Graphics

This is important to do first as your graphic settings have a lot of influence on how good your photos are going to look. It is recommended to use high or ultra settings for photos, however any setting other than low should be fine if you check off the right boxes.

PrefencesWhen you first open preferences in Firestorm Viewer under Graphics, this is what you should see.

Prefences2Make sure you have Atmopsheric shaders and Advanced Lighting Model checked. If you use a mesh avatar, I also recommend checking Avatar Cloth.

Preferences 3Optional: Check Transparent Water. This will only be useful if you’re taking a picture that includes water somewhere in the frame. Transparent water can cause lag.

Preferences 4Make sure to turn Shadows on. Shadows really enhance windlight effects.

Once you make sure that all your graphic settings are correct, you can move onto the next step.

  • Go to Phototools by World > Photo and Video > Phototools or Alt+P



You should see this on your screen. After this, just click the arrows beside WL Sky or use the drop down arrow to find a WL Sky setting that has a nice ring to it. Watch as your screen starts to change and the sim looks completely different just from the change in lighting. You can also use the yellow slider to adjust the position of the sun. Just two steps! That simple!

I hope this helps all Firestorm users learn how to use photos to change their experience!





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