Phenix “Jocey” Formal Dress Gown

On my blog, I intend to go over just about everything that Second Life has to offer. One cannot deny that women’s fashion is one of the biggest, if not the biggest things that Second Life has to offer. Though, I am male and can only speak from a male point of view, I can invite the help of others to give me their feelings about a particular article of clothing intended for women. My friend has provided me with information of her experience of the dress. I will also provide my feelings on the style of the dress.

Snapshot_010.pngPhenix “Jocey” Formal Dress Gown in Red – frontal. Pictures provided by my friend Neph!

Phenix is quite a popular women’s clothing brand on the realms of Second Life. Having opened their MP store in July of 2009, they have earned quite a good reputation since then. With excellent prices and an eye for detail, just how well does the the “Jocey’ hold up when it comes to other works by Phenix?

Just looking at the front side of the dress, you will see that the texture quality is phenomenal. The level of detail on this dress is nothing short of spectacular. With realistic textures on the  flexi attachment that flow nicely into the mesh upper body, I feel a sense of awe when viewing these pictures.


The dress has a sense of elegance to it. Something that would really stick out when entering a ballroom. There is just this natural flow when moving in the dress. Nothing on it ever seems to be out of place. The curves aren’t exaggerated like a lot of women’s clothing, but it does show off a beautiful womanly shape. This is a kind of dress you’d wear if you want to turn some heads!

Snapshot_012Phenix “Jocey” Formal Dress Gown Red – Back

As we look at the back of the dress you can see just how beautifully the flexi attachment moves with the avatar. There is an optional bow attachment for the back of the dress to just add to its charm. Every angle of this dress is just classy.

Snapshot_009Phenix “Jocey” Formal Dress Gown Red – Side

The “Jocey” will be a great addition to any woman’s wardrobe on Second Life. Suiting any formal event that one could attend. It also has a nice Gothic look to it for those who are interested in vampirism or are a member of Bloodlines.

The only flaw I can really find in this dress is the fact that the shape may have to be edited in order to fit into the dress. The breasts gravity and cleavage may have to be changed to properly fit into the dress. So I can only recommend this dress for those who have a modifiable shape. The price is also a little much, at 399L, however due to the amount of effort put into this dress, I can say that it’s easily worth it.

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