Remington Bed Dark by Bartlett & Nielsen

It was about time I talked about some furniture on this blog. To be honest I don’t buy a lot of furniture. I typically do not rent a home and instead use sandboxes for my needs so the desire to buy or use furniture really isn’t all that there. Plus, I am horrible at decorating. However, I do have a good eye for well-made furniture and animations. So today I felt the need to write about the Remington Bed by Bartlett & Nielsen.


Now I was surprised to learn that this bed is sculpt and not mesh, as I really cannot tell by looking at it. The bed is very well made. The wood is very realistic looking. Looks just like a bed you’d find after renting a cabin. I was amazed by the detail found in the blanket. It has a true sense of realism and comfort. Looks like a quilt hand stitched by grandma. Gives off a cozy and comforting vibe.


Now onto the animations. The animations are something to brag about. They are pure quality and a good reason to pay extra for this sculpted bed by Bartlett & Nielsen. They are very romantic in nature. Very slow. Very passionate. This is a true lover’s bed and not for exactly made for the leather-bound kink masters though I’m sure this bed could manage even for them. It’s made for couples far in love here on Second Life.


Sweet and cuddly is the best way I can describe most of these poses. It’s something slow. Something calming, comforting. Something that gives you this sense of laziness when you use it. The poses are also quite photogenic and don’t jerk around a lot. They’re smooth and play-out quite well. I didn’t see any obvious looping of the animation.


The bed has a large number of cuddle animations. Far more than any other bed I’ve seen. This is where the pride comes in. A bed just for long-term partners or heck even just close friends might get a kick out of this bed. The Remington features 605 animations and a large portion of those are cuddle poses. Beautifully animated cuddle and couple poses. The asking price of L$5,000 is nothing when you realize the high quality of animations built into the bed.


But let’s not forget the real reason many people buy beds; for the adult animations and believe me, this bed also has great adult animations. I didn’t take any pictures of any graphic scenes because I really want to keep this blog G-rated but they are quite realistic which is almost unheard of on Second Life. They are a bit slower-paced but include both slow and seductive sex poses and some things a little more on the kinky side. Though as I said earlier, this really isn’t  a bed for the BDSM crowd. Also if you like porn-ish style sex poses, this wouldn’t work for you. These poses are more like something you’d experience in real life in the bedroom.


The sense of reality with this bed I find is a really good reason to purchase it. On Second Life exaggerations are common and this bed really sticks to a more passionate and seductive route more commonly found in the average couple’s bedroom.

With an option of 605 animations and 209 adult animations or 300+ animations with 150 adult animations, you can find the bed that suits you. Now don’t be fooled, the cost of this bed is high, running at either $L5,000 or $L2,000 it is something that might but a dent in your wallet. However, I can say it is easily worth this asking price. The smoothness and quality of the animations along with the craftsmanship of the bed itself make the Remington bed by Bartlett & Nielsen one of the best pieces of furniture I have seen on Second Life.



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