Eddesign Face Tattoos Review

I will start this off by saying that Eddesign has been one of my favorite stores since I joined SL. So I admit I’m probably a little bias. But still, it’s hard not to enjoy the amount of talent that Edde Edman displays in his work. Today I will be focusing on the face tattoos created for the Aesthetic mesh avatar by Eddesign.

Snapshot_004.pngLabanca Face Tattoo for Aesthetic by Eddesign

These tattoos are the most realistic textures I have ever seen on SL. There is no debate about that. The amount of detail these faces carry even on low settings is phenomenal. No pore is out of place. No hair goes unnoticed. Everything about Edde Edman’s work is spectacular.


Snapshot_009Steve Face Tattoo for Aesthetic by Eddesign

I started buying from Eddesign about 2 years ago and have never once regretted a purchase. He works really hard on these faces and it shows. These faces, especially the ones for the Aesthetic really bring out your avatar and make it hard to miss. Women and men absolutely love these faces. I get a lot of compliments on my avatar all because of these face tattoos.

Snapshot_013Snapshot_012.pngDerek Full Head Tattoo for Aesthetic by Eddesign

Many of the newer faces by Eddesign includes hairbases and more facial hair options. I find this to be a good and a bad thing. Onto the good: the new hairbase options are great considering that the Aesthetic mesh heads only have 4 hairbases. The textures on the hair is great and is very realistic. It can give your avatar an all new look and can make using hair even easier. Onto the bad: with the exception of the hairbases included with the Aesthetic, you cannot mix and match the hairbases and faces on the hew head tattoos. I would really hope one day Edde allows the full head tattoos to be worn as just face Tatoos so that we can mix and match the hairbases.

Snapshot_014Snapshot_015Gregory Full Head Tattoo for Aesthetic Jonny Head by Eddesign

Bottom line: these face tattoos can totally change the look of your avatar giving both a mature and realistic look to them. They blend quite well into the skin of the Aesthetic. Though I have a word of caution with these tattoos: some of these tattoos can only be worn with the Jonny or Enzo medium skin tones and will be impossible to blend into any other skin. So be sure to double check the contents of the folder before buying. I highly recommend these heads. And they’re quite cheap. Much cheaper than a new skin. Hope to see you soon at this unique store.

Marketplace Store: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/56539

More can be found at in-world store: http://slurl.com/secondlife/EDDESIGN%20ISLAND/109/128/30

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Hugo Shirt by Deadwool

Deadwool is hands down one of the best stores I can think of on Second life. Masa Plympton creates some of the best mesh and the best textures on Second Life. However, Deadwool falls under a niche market. These clothes do not suit everyone and the word “hipster” could be easily used to describe these products. But is that a bad thing? I think not. Deadwool has clothes that will really set the average man apart. As the ZZ Top goes “every girl crazy about a sharp dressed man”, and Deadwool certainly proves this. Now that you have my opinions on Deadwool in general, let’s take a look at the Hugo Shirt.

Snapshot_028Hugo Shirt – Light Blue by Deadwool

This is one of the most life-like shirts I have ever seen on Second Life. The wrinkles are spot on and the level of detail is out of this world. It is truly a work of art within the world of Second Life. The colors are also beautiful. They’ve got a very pale and almost vintage look about them.

Snapshot_031Hugo Shirt – Light Blue by Deadwool – Side

No matter which angle I view this shirt from, it always looks flawless. I literally have no complaints about this shirt. It is also compatible with several pants provided by Deadwool. It gives off a very masculine vibe with the rolled up sleeves, broad shoulders, and large muscular chest.

Snapshot_033Hugo Shirt – Light Blue by Deadwool

It is amazing just how much this shirt stands out compared to anything else on Second Life. It looks almost as if I can reach out and touch it. The level of care Masa provides in his work is something that should be honored in the world of cloned mesh items and bland texture work.

Snapshot_034Hugo Shirt – Light Blue by Deadwool – Back

Spin your camera around this shirt, try and find a flaw. It’ll be a challenge I promise you. This is true perfection within the 3D world. You will not believe all the crosshairs I have hovering over my head when I leave home with the Hugo Shirt on. It is a chick magnet I promise you. I also can’t imagine the men don’t get in a few stares here and there either.

Snapshot_035Hugo Shirt – Light Blue by Deadwool Worn with the  Dandy Formal Jacket – Black by Deadwool


The one thing that Deadwool does that is not a common practice is that many of the clothes are compatible with one another. The Hugo can be worn as an add-on for the Dandy Formal Jacket as seen in my picture. And believe me, it’s not the only item Deadwool sells that can be worn as an add-on. It brings more options to your wardrobe when you can mix and match items so this is just the cherry-on-top when it comes to such a beautiful mesh product.

deadwoolIn-world Deadwool store – Colors

Colors available: Light blue, old pink, pistachio, taupe, white, mid blue, hot pink, emerald, mustard, grey, dark blue, red, olive, brown, and black.

Denim Colors: Denim black, denim dark, denim mid, denim grey, and denim light.

Compatible Avatars: Talisman/Abraham (small shape only), Aesthetic (small shape only), TMP, Slink, Adam, and system avatar.

Folder Contents:


Hugo Shirt NOT available on Marketplace!

SLURL:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Isola%20Gavia/40/130/23

Marketplace Store: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/22975

Dandy Formal Jacket – Black: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Deadwool-The-Dandy-formal-jacket-black/6845707

If you decide to buy this product on Marketplace please write a detailed review and rate the product. The store would be very appreciative if you did this! Thank you!