A Place for Relaxation and Selfies

There is one place on Second Life that I really enjoy visiting and wandering around freely. it is the first place I go to whenever I want to take a new picture of myself. It is realistic, comforting, and in another strange sense eerie at times. The place I am referring to is Baja Cove.


Baja Cove is a wonderful place for any photographer. The scenery is gorgeous and I cannot say enough about how well crafted the sim is. It look and feels just like an old vacant beach. It really gives off a vintage vibe whenever you see the old worn beach houses that are available for rent. There’s even broken down cars and a broken power line to add to the atmosphere.


There is a sense of mystery in Baja Cove.All the hidden details just add to the sense of adventure one might feel when visiting the sim. It’s a quiet place to take a date for sure. The quiet nature of Baja Cove will give off a feeling of romance and peace. The lighthouse broadcasting it’s glow across the coast, the waves clashing against the shore, the little added details make this a perfect romance sport for couples.


If you know anything about windlight settings (which don’t worry, I will have a tutorial about windlight settings) you can really make this place pop. It can look almost as if you’re at a real beach somewhere on the planet Earth instead of in Second Life. I recommend using a windlight hat allows the sun to reflect on the wave and allow Baja Cove to really sign.


Baja Cove is a beautiful comforting sim that I recommend everyone visits at least once in their journey around Second Life. You can’t go wrong with a hidden abandoned beach. If you really enjoy the sim you should check out renting the place. There’s not often many people there so you would never have to worry about privacy. It is a wonderful, creative, and beautiful location waiting to be listed as one of your favorite landmarks.


Location: Baja Cove (152, 132, 22)


Welcome to Jack Explains Second Life

I would like to welcome everyone who has chosen to visit my blog. I am Jack, a freelance writer both in real life as well as for Second Life. I will use this blog to showcase various Second Life destinations, stores, events, as well as the occasional bout of information about how to use and explore Second Life.

I suppose I should tell everyone a bit more about myself. I have been using Second Life regularly since September of 2013, and within such a short amount of time I have learned how to do a lot of different things within the world of Second Life, and met the best most amazing people that Second Life has to offer. I pride myself in professionalism as well as helpfulness. If there is something you need a little bit of advice on, that I am well informed in, I am your go-to guy for advice.

I hope everyone finds what they’re looking for here at Jack Explains Second Life!